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JSKS has a strict advertising policy that supports our vision. We want to be sure that adverts we air assist our listeners with products and services that can improve the quality of their lives.


That typically includes adverts for religious events and concerts, health services, nutrition products, nutrition services and advice, health foods and drinks, vitamin based products, sportswear, sports and exercise based advice, job vacancies, and company services or products that add value to the lives of our listeners.

If you are unsure, please call us as we typically examine each advertising request on its own merits.


JSKS offers several advertising options to assist you with building awareness about your business, products or services.


These Include:

  • 30, 45, 60 and 90 Second mentions for your shows on JSKS Radio

  • Audio and Video commercials on the JSKS website

  • Banner advertisement images on the JSKS website (different locations and size options are available

  • Social Media pushes for your business or organization on our pages (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Google-Plus etc)

  • Free advertising, we will add you as a supporter of all our publications.

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You can advertise an Event, A Product or a Service On our Site...

Provide short punchy descriptions that capture the imagination in 30. 45, 60, 90 second intervals...

Great ways to reap the rewards of your adverts with us:

  • We work directly with you to create the advert of your choice

  • 10's of 1000's of additional people reached each year

  • Adverts that are broadcast globally (we monitor the number of countries who listen daily)

  • When included, full social media advertising campaigns (covering your business or your organization on our Social Media Sites – Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Google Plus etc)

  • E-mail subscribers will also receive information about your business or organization by being a sponsor

  • Visuals of your products on JSKS's website & on our social media pages in support of your offering.

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