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JSKS Gospel Radio Apps

JSKS-GR currently has a Mobile App named "JSKS Gospel Radio" which can be downloaded on either an Android Phone, an iPhone or a Tablet. Please be sure to click the correct download button for your mobile device. See additional download notes below.

Please Mute the Radio Blue "Play Icon" - above left - to hear the JSKS App Overview...

Why Our App Only Costs $1.00.

Despite the fact that the JSKS Gospel Radio App is available in over 137 countries and has been translated into over 30 different languages, we at JSKS Gospel Radio believe the gospel is free.


 Consequently we do everything in our power to absorb the costs of our vision - which is to keep the minds of men, women and children all around the world on the things of God and His Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.


Our App cost is only $1.00 as it notionally makes a very small contribution to the JSKS-GR App's development, maintenance and distribution.

Note: The JSKS Gospel Radio App is relatively simple at this stage, and its primary purpose is to allow you access to JSKS Gospel Radio on your mobile devices (See images to the right).

Over time - we will add more features, but the product is user-driven - which means our initial launch was to be able to put these Gospel Songs and Daily Exhortations in your hands and then rely on your recommendations to improve it.


We will depend on you - the end-user - to make continuous improvement recommendations - which will be used to update the App.

Thank you for supporting JSKS Gospel Radio and feel free to make donations to the Station as you are led to do so!

Thank You and  may we all make heaven our final home!

Guidance notes for an effective download of the JSKS Gospel Radio App on your iPhone or Android Device.

1. Be sure to click the correct download button for your device - the Android downloads will not work on an iPhone and the same is also true that the iPhone download will not work on the Android.

2. When you click on the correct button - you will be taken to the relevant site where you can immediately download the JSKS Gospel Radio App.

3. After you have successfully downloaded the JSKS Gospel Radio App - depending on your device - you may have to make a few adjustments as necessary. The usual adjustments our users have encountered include:

4. Activating the app by clicking the "Play" button. Please be patient as we stream to your device - users have been known to wait for between 1 and 5 minutes before the streaming begins depending on their device and your service provider.

5. Checking to ensure you can make "Song Requests" - some devices may not allow this feature as well as others. Let us know and we will inform our App Development Team.

6. We have Distribution Connections to over 8,200 Android Devices and we are still working to ensure we can play on almost any device that you may have. That has proven to be tough, but we are not done yet. We are determined to provide you with the best listening experience in the Lord Jesus Christ.


Android App View.png

Android Phone App View

iPhons App View.png

iPhone App View

Why Get the App when you can go to the Web Site:

The website is great if you have a laptop or even a large Tablet. However, some features of the web-site do not work so well on mobile devices.

In fact, some web features look "wonky" on the mobile devices - if thats a good word to use - because they are designed for a larger screen.

The App is great for getting the immediate information you may need such as what's playing now, what has played before, song and exhortation requests, radio texts and social media shares.

So, download the JSKS Gospel Radio App - you'll have 1000's of the best Praise and Worship songs the world has to offer at your fingertips.

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