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When you give to JSKS Gospel Radio, you enable the planting of the seeds of the Gospel into the hearts and minds of listeners around the world.


Giving requires your commitment and sacrifice and requires that you reallocate funds to others, so we are very appreciative and thankful for your sacrifices and commitment to the spreading of the Gospel.


We are encouraged by your donations and as a non-profit ministry, we’re grateful that you have chosen to partner with fellow believers like yourself and JSKS in reaching the world for Jesus Christ.

Thank You...

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Why Give?

Your financial support to JSKS Gospel Radio honors God and furthers the growth of His Kingdom by helping us:

  • Spread the Word of God around the globe

  • Keep our equipment up-to-date for the best broadcast quality

  • Develop new ways to reach people (app, website, podcasts, social media, etc.)

  • Provide free airtime for our partners in ministry

  • Provide free materials for our listeners to share with others

  • Reach out to our local communities with programs and events

  • Provide quality music with biblical lyrics

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