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Are you ready to go to be with the Lord?" -

When Jesus shared the parable of the King's wedding for his son - to which those who were invited would not come - and were deemed unworthy - He was reminding us of the awful price of not being ready for His return.

In short, the King had told his servants - to go out and "as many as you shall find" bid them to the marriage. The king later came into the wedding and found a man in attendance who did "not have on a wedding garment". And when the man was questioned by the king: "...Friend, how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment?" - The scriptures said the man "...was speechless".

The man may not have been dressed right for any number of reasons all of which reflect why many are not ready today - but think they are. For example, he simply may not have heard clearly of the clothing requirement, or he may have heard and thought it was not relevant, or he may have not cared enough to dress himself right, or he may simply have been a "foolish" virgin that kept going knowing he was not dressed right thinking he could simply get away with it. One thing is certain, he was definitely surprised that he had just been singled out in the crowd.

The term "speechless" is a powerful reminder that despite all and any of the reasons why he was not dressed right - or why he was not prepared for the wedding - he had no excuse when the final time came to answer for his actions.

In fact - all of these reasons - and so many more - are reasons why people today are in the church building - but are outside the "body" of Christ - and why the same surprise and fate awaits them. They got in - but made no effort to make themselves ready.

The King then instructed the servants to remove him and - "bind him hand and foot" - and "...cast him into outer darkness..." or better yet - cast him into hell itself.

The story finishes with 2 Key Points:

1. "...there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth..." - Hell is an astounding hot place - the Rich man in Luke 16 said "I am tormented in these flames..."

2. "...many are called, but few are chosen..." - Not everybody in the building is ready - and most don't care to be...

In the first instance - we are reminded that hell is a deeply painful place and that life does not end - after death on earth - in the way most men would like to think - there is in fact an eternal "after-life" where men pay for the life and the sins they committed in this world.

In the second instance - we are reminded that not everyone in the church is saved. There are many people who are in the church who have made a conscious decision not to do what the scriptures tells them to do but are the tares (of the "wheat and tares" - in Matthew 13:24-30 - that grow together until the day of harvest).

Many carry the bible but do not believe it or believe in it - and many are determined to "be called by the name of the Lord, but to wear their own clothes".

As you examine your life today - what differences do you know must be made to ensure you "...make your calling and election sure?".

A stark reminder that Jesus is coming soon! - Are you ready?

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