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Be Lovable...

Did you ever meet someone who was hard to love? They may have exhibited a harsh exterior, been very judgemental, or simply been very pessimistic about everything in their lives. They may have hurt your feelings and made you feel unappreciated or unloved by them.

We are told in the scriptures to love them that hate us and despitefully use us. That's a big job for us on our own, but easy to accomplish through Jesus Christ.

We need to prove ourselves to be lovable and approachable while being kind and compassionate toward others. When we choose to be lovable, we will find it easier to be loved by everyone who knows us and only then will we be living the Gospel Way.

We must learn to love and be lovable under all circumstances, despite all life's challenges, knowing our faith and hope rest in the Lord Jesus Christ and He it is that sustains and keeps us.

A recent study of people who lived well into their 80's discovered that over 35% of them did one common thing throughout their lives - they laughed daily and passionately loved those around them.

This may seem easier said than done - as sometimes our trials are so pressing and severe that they push us to the brink of tipping over.

But if you can keep your eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ - you will hear when he says: "Peace Be Still" - and you will find yourself able to smile at the storms - no matter how hard they blow.

Be lovable today - you'll find the quality of your life improves as you seek to improve the lives of others.

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