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Speak Light and Life...

In Psalms 43:3 - The Psalmist wrote: "O send out thy light and thy truth: let them lead me; let them bring me unto Thy holy hill, and to Thy tabernacles."

Salvation is a wonderful gift from the Lord. A gift that cannot be measured in all its fullness. In a story once told, there was a small and isolated lighthouse that sat on a rocky shore. Its watchman was so alone. Each evening as night fell, he would rise to perform his solemn duty of turning on the lighthouse light.

Every night unfailingly that light shone a bright beacon of light across the rocky seas, and its horn bellowed out warnings to passing ships. So many ships would sway off course in the thick fog and each time they were saved from the rocks that sat silently beneath the waves. So many lives were spared.

The scriptures says "a true witness delivereth souls". To be true witnesses, we need to remain "steadfast and unmovable" like the lighthouse and its watchman. We need to always abound in faith.

A voice quietly speaking the truth about Jesus Christ has enough power to save souls from all the laws of sin and death that have such a "vice-like" grip on the world. This is the power of salvation and it saves us to the utmost.

We need to be the light that shines across the world and that points the lost and those that have strayed back to the Lord Jesus Christ. We need to be the still quiet voice that reminds others of how the pitfalls of this life can rob them of eternal life.

We need to remind others that in the end, what really matters above all this world, is that we have the truth and that through that truth, salvation is secured for us and others who hear us. Only when we are free ourselves, can we then free others.

A prayer for today: "Lord, help me to be that beacon of hope to the world. Help me to shine so bright that the lives of others who desire to see your face, are brightened also. Help me to bear your truth like a torch that burns through the darkness and frees the souls of those who are bound by sin. Help me to be steadfast and unmovable such that my life is a true witness of You."


Jesus is coming!

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