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Is the Bible God's Book or Man's Book?

That is, did God write it, or is it simply a collection of the writings of men? It is clear from the character of the bible that it is not the work of man, for man could not have written it if he would, and would not have written it if he could.

And it is also clear that a distinction between man's writings and God's Writings must be clearly made using God's writings to do so.

2 Timothy 3:16 declares: "ALL Scripture is given by INSPIRATION OF GOD."

So we might ask, what does INSPIRATION MEAN? From it, we are to understand that God "DIRECTED" men, chosen by Himself, to put into writing such messages, laws, doctrines, historical facts, and revelations, as He wished men to know.

The term INSPIRATION means "God Breathed" - and means that God Himself - through the Holy Spirit - told men of old JUST WHAT TO WRITE.

The Bible then is the WORD OF GOD for HE [GOD] both WRITES AND SPEAKS directly to man at times.

To review just a few such instances: God wrote the "Tables of Testimony" on stone (Ezekiel 31:18, and 32:16), and wrote on the wall of Belshazzar's place (Daniel 5:5). God talked with Moses on the Mount when He gave him the specifications for the Tabernacle and its Furnishings. He spoke at the Baptism of Jesus (Matthew 3:17) and on the Mount of Transfiguration.

One could ask does that INSPIRATION extend to every part of the Bible...?

YES!, from the dry lists in Chronicles to the very words of God in Exodus, and through to Jesus Christ. It extends to every word, sentence, phrase, full stop and cross on a 't' in the original parchments.

We know from 2 Peter 1: 20, 21 that "No Prophecy of the Scripture is of any Private Interpretation" meaning NO MAN HAS THE RIGHT TO IMPOSE HIS OWN OPINION ON GOD'S WORD!

When one puts pen to paper on God's word, they need to be very very certain they are not twisting those words with some other meaning than God intended!

Too many men who are not filled with the Holy Ghost take the liberty of trying to explain what God meant in His word, when without the Spirit God, they DO NOT KNOW and ultimately only succeed in adding to the confusion that already permeates the false churches and the world today.

Such men boast of how well received their writings are, when the very same men who have received and accepted their writings, do not themselves believe GOD's WORD.