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The Present Evil World - Part 1

While this is the "Dispensation of Grace", and God's purpose during it is to gather out a "People for His Name" - which is the CHURCH - the world from which the church is being gathered is called: "The Present Evil Age" (Gal 1:4).

That this "age" is evil is seen in the character of its civilization. After nearly 1900 years of Gospel preaching the world is in worse state today than it was in the days of Jesus Christ and is worse now than in the time of the flood when it grieved God that He had made man. The world as we know it today, seems headed for a crisis from which it will not recover without supernatural intervention. Only God through Jesus Christ, has the answer.

The spirit of lawlessness is in the air, and despite all the efforts to quench it, it is strangely becoming unmanageable, more perverse and more determined to breakaway from all authority and law.

How are we to account for this? Some may think God has lost His control over the world, or is it simply that He is permitting some other agency to have its way.

The answer is that there are "TWO OPPOSING SPIRITS" at work in the world in this dispensation. The "HOLY SPIRIT" who is engaged in gathering out the elect body of the CHURCH from the world. And the second is the "SPIRIT OF EVIL"

In I Corinthians 2:12 the bible refers to them as the "SPIRIT WHICH IS OF GOD," and the "SPIRIT OF THE WORLD". In 1 John 4: 5-6, the "SPIRIT OF TRUTH" and the "SPIRIT OF ERROR"." The Spirit of Error is the source of all the "STRONG DELUSIONS" (2 THESSALONIANS 2:11) that are in the world today, and as the "End of the Age" draws near those delusions are being rapidly multiplied. We now need to be more vigilant than ever before not to be caught up in these nets.

Just as the true church is indwelt and guided by the "HOLY SPIRIT", so the world outside the church is indwelt and guided by the "SPIRIT OF THE WORLD". This is one reason why the bible says: "COME YE OUT FROM AMONG THEM..." as we are instructed to separate ourselves from the world.

Let us endeavor, more so now as the "TIME OF THE GENTILES IS CLOSING", to live lives that clearly demonstrate that we have been redeemed from the "SPIRIT OF THE WORLD" and that we are now redeemed and set free by the blood of Jesus Christ.

A prayer: "Father, help me to stand on your word and to live a life that pleases you. To come out from the world and to honor you with my whole life. So that words of my mouth, and the meditations of my heart, are acceptable in Thy sight.

I ask these mercies in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and Soon Coming King.