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Send Us Your Prayer Requests and Praise Testimonies

You may be mighty in Prayer alone, but you can be mightier with someone joining you.  The Bible says that " will put one thousand to flight (an army), but two will put ten thousand (i.e., a ten-fold increase in prayer power) to flight."  [Leviticus 26:8; Deuteronomy 32:30].

Making Song Requests:


Our database contains 1000's of carefully selected Gospel songs of which the best ones are made directly available to you by selection...


To make a song request follow these 3 steps:

  1. SEARCH for the title of the song and click on the "tick button".

  2. Be sure to CONFIRM your request by scrolling down to the bottom of the selection box.

  3. Your request is COMPLETE when you see the message: "Your request has been added to the queue".

NOTE: Our database does not contain all the gospel songs ever produced - as we screen all our songs individually to ensure they are appropriate for the Praise & Worship tenet we subscribe to. That tenet seeks to provide what we consider to be "Sincere Praise & Worship" - i.e., songs that we believe Glorify God and which aid us in our own individual quest to Praise & Worship the Lord.

If a song is not available by Request, it does not mean we do not have it, but it does mean it has not been made available for selection - all our songs are tagged - and only some tagged songs have so far been released for selection.


Your requests can change that - so by all means - send us an email if a song appears not to be in our database - we will make it available in the Request Box.


That said - and if you should come across other beautiful Praise & Worship songs we we do not currently play - please feel free to "Contact Us" - and we will consider adding those songs also.

Look! - Listen! - Live!

Thank You and Be Strong in the Lord...We will reply soon if a request has been made

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